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Welcome to Ivo`s & Neo`s homepage!



Here are some Infomations of our breeding admitted male Ivo:



Ivo Ltd. Edition von der Landwehr

Born: 19. October 2006 / DLZB 21381


Breeding admitted until 18. October 2016 without breeding conditions with 109,7 points!

Gladly I`ll transmit you Ivo`s pedigree, the breeding diploma and the judges reports.



Ivo`s Data:

HD - Findings: A 1

ED - Findings: 0/0

LPN1: N/N (free)

Heart: okay

Teeth: full dented scissor bite

Height: 74 cm

Depth of chest: 39 cm

Chest: 107 cm

Weight: 64,6 kg



International Beauty Champion FCI



German Champion VDH



German Champion Club



Austrian Champion


Judges report of 05. August 2012 / Gerhard Knape:

"5 years 10 months old, good medium-sized strong male, red-brown completely with black lace, good head, black mask, dark brown eyes, full dented scissor bite, well set ears, strong bones, well-trained chest, straight back, anatomy in the state in order, very good movement with retaining good tail carriage. "


Judge report of 04. August 2012 / Yvonne Natterer:

"Nearly 6 years of medium height, strong male, red-brown with some black tips, typical head, black mask, medium brown eyes, straight back, excellent chest width and depth, angulation front and rear properly, put limbs in stand correctly, tail hanging, liquid ground covering movement with good drive while the tail worn correctly, hair and feathering simple medium and for the season in an excellent referral.

In beings very friendly, overall a dog who comes close to the ideal. "


Judges report of 03. June 2012 / Roland Ogorzelski:

"5 ½ years of strong male, harmonious overall appearance, very beautiful black mask, chocolate braune eyes, complete. Scissor bite, strong neck line, excellent depth of chest, strong foundations, firm back, correct rear angulation, testes present dog is attentive and well-maintained state presented in the motion without rebuke, in total an excellent representative of his race. "


Judge's report of 11. December 2011 / Gerhard Knape:

"5 ½-year medium-sized reddish-brown male with typical head, black mask, medium brown eyes, Full scissor bite, strong neck, straight back, tail in the state correctly, excellent underline, correct angle and position of the front legs, very good depth of chest, pronounced forechest, in the movement tail slightly raised, movement liquid and free movement, hair and feathering very good, typical beings. "


Judges report of 11. March 2012 / Yvonne Natterer:

"5-year medium-sized reddish-brown male with strong bone, typical head, black mask, medium brown eyes with correct eyelid and correct ears, full dented scissor bite, testes present, very strong neck, excellent chest width and depth of chest, standing straight front and hind limbs, tail hanging in the stand, in motion liquid with very good drive and slightly raised tail, hair and feathering is simple, medium and maintained excellent, in beings excellent. "


Richterbericht vom 11. December 2011 / Herr Gerhard Knape:

"5 years old, of medium size, strong, red brown with black tips, strong head, medium brown eyes, full dented scissor bite, black mask, ears well set, broad chest, strong bones, anatomy in the state in order, good movement with slightly raised tail, testicles available, secure beings. "


Judge report of 06. August 2011 / Willi Güllix:

"Almost 5 year old fully mature strong masculine male with strong bone and very good rear angulation, typical head, dark eyes, black mask, full dented scissor bite, strong neck, wide fixed back, excellent chest width and depth, even movement, coat of excellent length and well maintained, balanced behavior, good presentation. "



Rheinland-Pfalz-Winner 2012

BOB nat. Bremen 2012

Winner Burgenland 2011

Ambiorix Winner 2011

Golden Winner 2010

Ortenau Winner Offenburg 2009

Winner Baden Württemberg 2008


Breeding admitted until 18. October 2016 !!!

Breeding approval on 09. October 2010 at Mrs. Pleibel, Mr. Meyer and Mr. Ogorzelski WITHOUT editions existed!!!


Ivo has on 09. October 2010 his second breeding approval in Wiesbaden with 109.7 points

with "Excellent" existed! WITHOUT edition!

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Die Körmeister waren: Herr Mayer, Herr Ogorzelski und  Frau Pleibel,

sowie Frau Natterer als Köranwärterin.


Ivo is a dream of Leonberger! Someone gave him the nickname of "sheep".

Yes! - that's Ivo - he prefers to go any trouble out of the way!

He is a very sweet natured, friendly and compatible with any Leo, whether female or male!


His visit of Ladies was he very courteous and kind. Before he likes to play and romps with them in our great garden. So far he could all the ladies convince from himself - he is a Gentle-Leo.


We will help to find a living quarters for our "Deck guests".






Ivo is a Leonberger male - stud dog - breedings until 18. October 2016.

He is very healthy - A1 HD and ED 0 - LPN1 N / N FREE - totally loving, playful, cuddly, friendly ...


as I said - it exists only in "limited edition"!  



1.Körung am 24. August 2008 bei Herrn Mayer, Herrn Güllix und Herrn Hellener bestanden!

Quote from the judge's report, 13. October 2007 / Mr. Mayer:

"... Medium sized, medium strength, red-brown male. Typical head, black mask .... Good angulation of the hind limbs .... Good chest width and depth. Correct position of the front legs .... movement fluid and free. Hair and feathering very good. Typical beings. "


Quote from the report of Judge 25. May 2008 / Mr Hellener:

"... Medium-sized and very harmonious dog, typical head, dark mask, ... ears approach is correct, strong neck, straight back, ... The movement of the dog's is covering ground, very good reach, the total has a very good dog movement. In beings he is very safe, friendly and attentive. "


Quote from the judge's report of 14. June 2008 / Mr Zerle:

"... Strong reddish brown male with a black mask ... Excellent proportions, solid bone. Very good skull interface, ... excellent chest width and depth. Paw well rounded, correct stance angle einwandreie tail carriage. In the movement fluid and free. Pubescence and feathering excellent. Typical beings. "


Gladly I`ll transmit you Ivo`s pedigree, the breeding diploma and the judges reports.   



Ivo`s parents:

Mum “Finchen“ Fiana ’Made in Hüll’ von der Landwehr (left)
with Grandma
“Cara“ Baccarra von der Landwehr (right) :


Dad “Bootsmann“ Toledo vom Löwengarten: